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What a stunning wristwatch!!!

Hello everyone, I am the soul of the army. If you like our various submariner watches, you can continue to look down and subscribe to our store email to get promo codes and gifts.Old customers who have been paying attention to us for a long time should all know that I love to change the details of the styles. Regardless of heimdallr, steeldive watch, san martin watch or cronos, we all pursue the ultimate in craftsmanship, because this is the eternal mission of top luxury watch brands.Sales colleagues will often say that the styles I sell should not be changed randomly, but I want to change the points that I think can be improved. This is also my common practice. In a word, every time I improve a little bit, I will try my best to upgrade the part that I feel subjectively can improve. Compared to heimdallr vs steeldive, do you prefer another style of Saint Martin.Today, I would like to introduce to you our new SN0007 (Yuanzu diving watch style). We should have made this model in 2017. The style has been liked by many watch friends. We have also made the fourth batch one after another. However, it has been changed 4 times, and the watch case factories have changed three. All in all, I still want to make the product as much as I can to satisfy myself. At this stage, I am still very satisfied with the V4 version. Let me introduce the details to you:

1. In terms of watch case: the style change is more coordinated, more retro, thinner and slender, the angle of the ear tip is downward, the bottom of the ear is polished in a small flat position; the body is polished, the ear surface is round and the ears are rounded. The nozzle is polished, the lines at the three junctions are clear and unfavorable; the big body ear holes are round and not drawn; the bottom cover is made of two levels, the outer edge is round and polished, and the middle is our three-dimensional shark logo, which is more layered; It is worth mentioning that the depth of the side teeth of the bezel is deepened and the teeth are individually polished. Under the magnifying glass, the light is smooth and smooth; the table mirror is still the sapphire pot cover mirror, and the angle readings of the outer and inner arcs have been modified to make the angle readings clearer.

2. On the dial: all the time scales are re-opened and the size is adjusted to make the ratio more symmetrical (previously, some friends reported that our time scale luminous window is larger) color gun color sun pattern and blue sun pattern, inner shadow circle slope Change to a smaller size to match the pot cover with a clear degree of mirror.

3. For the hands: the same new mold production, the hour and minute hands are manually set on three sides, the second hand is gradually narrowed, the plane is manually set, and the flat seconds cap is stamped. The electric rhodium (platinum) process is still required for the GS hands.

4. Watchband: I-bead structure three-bead watchband, middle bead oblique polishing process, the watchband is more layered, the head grain is matched with the new case structure to fit tightly without shaking and no virtual position; the buckle is solid turtle back buckle , The inner flapper and the outer turtle back are all solid structures.

To summarize: This time I am basically satisfied with the upgrade (the case, the hands, and the dial as a whole have been modified and upgraded). There should be no major changes in the future. The product is satisfied, but the cost has actually increased a lot. I hope that the good quality will be liked by more watch friends.

Model data:

Model: SN007-G-V4

Movement: Tianmadu NH35 [Automatic mechanical movement]

Case: Material-316L stainless steel
40mm diameter (without crown)
Thickness 14mm (including table mirror)
Ear width 20mm (including the inside of the strap)
Table mirror: sapphire pot cover bubble mirror
Bezel: Ceramic chronograph bezel with luminous scale at 12 o'clock
Disk surface: sun pattern disk surface, gun color/blue [logo can be customized]
Pointer: manual needles on three sides, filled with luminous
Luminous: C3 Super Luminous (luminous color: green)
Crown: screw-in
Bottom cover: screw-in three-dimensional hydraulic bottom cover
Strap: professional diving tape/solid steel strap
Width 20mm
Clasp: 316L stainless steel buckle
Waterproof: 200 meters waterproof
Warranty: Two-year warranty

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Thanks for watching.

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