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The pursuit of watch enthusiasts

Hello everyone, thank you for your attention to our sn san martin watch article. Now I will analyze the style of the watch strap. The original version of the strap is the 5-bead rivet strap style (left one). Many watch friends suggest that it is not suitable. Yesterday, I made three strap effects, and the article was published to listen to suggestions from watch friends. More watch friends like the three-bead belt (the rest are 5-bead belts and finally the rivet belt). Watch friends agree that it should be done, so we hereby inform you: We have made a three-bead belt structure that is more suitable for watch enthusiasts. Thank you again for your positive suggestions!

Watch strap is a general term for the effective part of the wrist fixed on the watch. There are many kinds of strap materials, let me introduce to you which ones are the main straps.
1. Watch strap type: chain strap
Chain straps that connect flat pieces in series with raw ears are generally made of alloys or ceramics, such as stainless steel, gold-clad, semi-gold, titanium alloy, platinum and so on.

2. Watch strap type: rubber strap
The strap is made of rubber. Rubber is a soft and smooth material, which is very handy. Since rubber is completely waterproof, it is mostly used in diving and sports watches.

3. Types of watch straps: leather straps
Watch straps made of animal skins, such as pigskin, cowhide, Caiman alligator skin, Mississippi alligator skin, Nile monitor lizard skin, python skin, ostrich skin, etc.

4. Watch strap type: canvas strap
Textile Fabric textile fabric, woven fabric, cotton and linen material.
And our san martin watch store mainly uses the second type of bracelet watch strap. Compared with leather watch straps and plastic watch straps, steel watch straps are more suitable for wearing in summer, which can bring a bit of coolness to the wearer. Steel watch bands are not afraid of glare and fire. Of course, I do not recommend that you use fire-burning steel watchbands. Burning steel watchbands may also leave traces, depending on the material of the steel watchband. This advantage makes it easier to store watches with steel straps. Steel watch bands have different shapes, and the most classic is the various interlocking straps. This feature makes up for the shortcomings of steel that is too hard, so that the steel watchband can also become "soft". Our san martin watch factory adopts steel strap watch straps, which are not only high-end, but also happily in line with the interests and pursuits of watch friends. san martin sn 019, san martin sn007, san martin sn007-g2, san martin sn007 v4, san martin sn 008, san martin sn 004-g, and sn017-g san martin, san martin 62mas diver watch, sn 015-g -gmt and other submariner watches mechanical watches all use steel straps. Including heimdallr monster, san martin watch watch enthusiasts prefer watch bracelets with steel bands, especially 5-bead watch bands. And the san martin watch price is very hot.

We will conduct a product questionnaire survey this week to test which of the following products and styles buyers are more concerned about and love. In addition, many watch enthusiasts recently like to inquire about the san martin watch coupon code. This is the case. Our shop is Coupons will be issued from time to time. You can subscribe to our email to receive discount notifications. If you have time, you can send me a message via email. Thank you for your cooperation. san martin 62mas, steeldive 1970, steeldive sd1970, heimdallr skx007, steeldive 1952, steeldive 1969 ploprof, steeldive sd1971, heimdallr 62mas bronze, heimdallr skx007, steeldive 1979, steel tunadive marinemaster 300.

For more watches, please check this website https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3o1QZliif48mU_dMk73pUw/featured
Well, share it here today. If you don’t understand the watch, you can contact us at any time. See you next time.


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