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Here comes the “panda timer”

Yesterday we released the popular Tudor "Panda" chronograph style. I still like a lot of watch friends. I am anxious little character. Today, it took another day to revise the details repeatedly. The pre-sale will be officially released at 8 o'clock this evening.

I have learned about the movement repeatedly. There are indeed fewer choices for the small plate at 3/9 and the mechanical movement with the core at the same level. In the end, I decided to choose the ST19 movement. This is the first time I have used this movement in the five years since I made a watch. Movement. This ST19 series movement is still used by many domestic and foreign watch brands, and the overall evaluation is quite satisfactory. I also specifically asked the movement factory that the movement of this movement is unstable and can be replaced directly by the movement factory. We will observe the movement more carefully before assembly, and we will directly replace it if it does not meet the standard.

Because the movement is a manual mechanical movement, and the crown is made of a push-pull structure, we have mature diving watch structure experience. The push-pull structure is still made of 100m waterproof level (you can wear it for swimming), so watch friends in terms of waterproofing can also rest assured.

Simply speaking about the diameter and thickness, many watch friends suggest 38-39 size. This model does not have a diving chronograph. The upper ring has a dead ring structure, so it should not be too thick. The proportion of the case should be as suitable as possible, and the bottom cover should be made. The large oblique angle allows the thinnest thickness of the movement to be about 13mm. This thickness and diameter ratio is more ideal for designing 40-41, so the case diameter is designed to be 40mm, and the bezel diameter is designed to be 41mm.

Some details of the changes to the watch models will be shared with you:

For the case: Seagull ST1901 manual chronograph movement is selected for the movement, and the thickness is about 13mm; the side ratio of the case is modified, the middle case is thinned, and the upper ring is thickened. I personally feel that the side ratio is more coordinated; the curvature of the lugs is increased. I personally think it is more coordinated; the case body is polished by Tudor, which is a polishing process, and we changed it to a straightening sand process.

For the hands: refer to the Tudor snowflake hands as a whole, the 3 and 9 small hands are covered with a flat-top seconds cap (commonly used by GS), and the luminous window is filled with retro yellow luminous.

On the dial: the overall reference to the Tudor style, the color is changed to a retro style, and the time scale luminous also has a retro effect.

Model data:

Model: SN0052-JS

Movement: ST19 [Manual mechanical movement]

Case: Material-316L stainless steel

40mm diameter (without crown)

Length 48mm (including lugs)

Thickness of about 13mm (including table mirror)

Ear width 20mm (including the inside of the strap)

Mirror: double sapphire crystal + Swiss shadowless anti-reflective coating

Bezel: Ceramic Chronograph Ring

Panel: Matte black/matte white, metal nails and three-dimensional hour markers

Pointer: GS hand-made hand with hand, small second hand with flat top second cap

Luminous: Retro luminous effect

Crown: push-pull bar + hydraulic three-dimensional logo

Bottom cover: screw-in solid bottom cover

Watch strap: solid five-ball steel strap

Clasp: solid turtle back buckle

Waterproof: 100 meters waterproof

Total weight: about 150g

Warranty: Two-year warranty

This model is scheduled for sale and is expected to ship in 3-4 months. The price is 1780, with a pre-ordered step-wise discount, the top 10 discounts are 280 yuan, 11-30 discounts are 230 yuan, and 31-60 discounts are 180 yuan. The final payment is unified at 1,000 yuan.

the proportion of the side of the case, the lower angle of the lugs compared with Tudor

Straighten the sand on the body and the eight-character sand on the ears, and make a small smooth edge effect to make the lines more clear.

Provide non-logo watch face selection, support watch friends to customize logo

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