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Indispensable equipment

Hello everyone, and welcome to the San Martin shop. Today, I will introduce you to the factory workshop for making mechanical watches. I believe that many of my friends are familiar with it. I have written a hundred articles about watches, more of my own products, and some of my own knowledge of products. Friends who like sanmartin watches, please continue to look down.

The origin of the name "Military Soul" is also quite obvious, because he was a soldier, signed up to join the army from a university campus in 12 years, and served in the Chengdu Detachment of the Sichuan Armed Police Corps. Of course, he was just a small conscript. After returning home from the military, I used the screen name "Military Soul". In 2016, I started to work in watchmaking, and gradually everyone was habitually called "Military Soul Watch." In this way, domestic watch friends have been calling for 5 years, in fact, the brand name is SAN MARTIN (Saint Martin). That is our san martin vintage diver watch.

As a san martin watch company that strives for excellence, the idea at the beginning of the watch is to make the quality better within the scope of what you can do, from the first "0" Xiaobai, to now it is also accumulated I have learned some knowledge about watch making. Where I feel commendable, I can also say something proudly: I have been making watches according to my original intention for 5 years, doing my own products as much as possible, and serving every customer as much as possible.

A lot of things happened in 2020. A pandemic has affected the whole world, and many things have happened to me. There are good and bad, not to mention the good: I found a daughter-in-law personally, and it ended up to 29 years ago. Years of single career (just a moment); in terms of work, the studio moved to a new address at the end of 2020 (it is now well-organized), optimized and improved the working environment, standardized as much as possible, and at the same time added a lot of capable colleagues. A good environment and sufficient manpower continue to work hard to make the product better. Whether it is heimdallr watch, san martin watch, steeldive watch, cronos watch or other submariner watches, we will improve the quality of the products step by step. This is the pursuit of the highest state and eternal work of making mens watches top brand luxury.

The new studio is divided into departments: iqc (parts inspection), dust-free parts warehouse, dust-free assembly room, quality inspection room and other departments to further ensure the quality of the watch.

In 2021, we will continue to work hard to make a good watch and serve watch friends.
Finally, I want to say to watch enthusiasts, if you want to buy high-quality watches, then you should not miss it. We continue to provide customers with the best service and quality. We sell more than just products. , Our main selling is our service. Again, I also thank the customers who trust me, thank you for becoming our members, and thank you for your silent support to our team and company. On behalf of our company, I promise you that we will do our best for San Martin watches. See you next time.

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