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  • The Dazzling Sailor.

    Welcome to the san martin pilot watch shop, today we will share with you one of the members of the mechanical watch brand, and one of the important members of our san martin steeldive SN046-G, namely san martin sn046-g. I believe that many people who are familiar with watch brands such as steeldive watch, heimdallr and martin watches know this simple mens watch. His orange dial is particularly eye-catching. The perfect men's luminous bracelet. Just like a swimmer in orange. It is very impressive. When it comes to this, does it make wrist watch enthusiasts think of the heimdallr monster? Yes, it is the heimdallr monster homage or heimdallr sharkey monster. The dial is a bit attractive. The appearance of sn046-g is also very delicate. Do not lose which luxury...

  • The style of the watch.

    Hello everyone, welcome to san martin watch official store, and wish you all a good day.

    Today we are introducing the SN0046 made according to the classic Seiko model SKX007. Many Seiko fans have modified this watch in various ways to match their own style of watch. We also add our own design based on the overall reference, and try to make more watch friends like it in style. The following is a specific introduction
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  • The pursuit of watch enthusiasts

    Hello everyone, thank you for your attention to our sn san martin watch article. Now I will analyze the style of the watch strap. The original version of the strap is the 5-bead rivet strap style (left one). Many watch friends suggest that it is not suitable. Yesterday, I made three strap effects, and the article was published to listen to suggestions from watch friends. More watch friends like the three-bead belt (the rest are 5-bead belts and finally the rivet belt). Watch friends agree that it should be done, so we hereby inform you: We have made a three-bead belt structure that is more suitable for watch enthusiasts. Thank you again for your positive suggestions!

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